Credali - Renovating A Villa In Italy

Valuation: £100,000
Scale: 80 sqm
Location: Parma, Northern Italy

In 2017, I was commissioned to design alterations to a small villa in Italy. The villa had belonged to the client's family for generations and was to be used as a holiday home in the Italian mountains. The brief was for a simple and easy to maintain renovation which would add height and space to the small villa whilst remaining sympathetic to the surroundings and existing form. It was decided that as much of the heritage would be kept and restored where required.

A proposed balcony overlooks the valley and nearby vineyards to the South West, whilst the old stable had been converted into a new living space complete with a mezzanine. Working from photos and old mismatched hand drawings, the complicated ground levels were worked out and a 3D model was developed to convey the design intent to the client. I visited the site and discussed the project with the Italian contractor. From this, a more detailed proposal was drawn up and approved by the client. 
The project is currently in for planning permission.

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