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I have a First Class masters degree (MArch Hons) from the University of Liverpool School of Architecture. My work experience so far has been based in small, high achieving practices focussing on bespoke detail designs in the residential sector. I am drawn towards an sustainable and contemporary style of architecture which is reflected in my university projects. More recently, as a freelance designer, I have worked on a number of projects in the UK and abroad. During my university years I have taken opportunities to travel and study abroad enjoying the experience of connecting with the people I meet.

I am currently looking to expand my architectural experience.

J'ai obtenu mon Diplôme de Master de Première Classe à l'université de Liverpool. Jusqu'à présent, mon expérience professionnelle s'est basée sur de petites pratiques très performantes qui se concentrent sur la conception de détails sur mesure dans le secteur résidentiel. Je suis attiré par un style d'architecture durable et contemporain qui se reflète dans mes projets universitaires. Plus récemment, en tant que designer indépendant, j'ai travaillé sur un certain nombre de projets au Royaume-Uni et à l'étranger. Au cours de mes années universitaires, j'ai eu l'occasion de voyager et d'étudier à l'étranger en profitant de l'expérience de contact avec les gens que j'ai rencontré.

Pour le moment, je recherche à étendre mon expérience d'architecture.
"I have known Hugh for two years as a student on the Masters in Architecture course here at Liverpool University. I found him to be talented, highly motivated and an excellent designer. He is always willing to share ideas and works well in a team. Knowing his approach to Architecture, I feel he would be ideally suited to the world of  Architectural practice in Canada, and can fully recommend him."   
- Jack Dunne BA (Arch), Dip Arch, Dip Urb Reg (Mexico), Msc, RIBA -

"Hugh's technical understanding is very good and he has developed hugely over the past year - gained through adapting working drawings - not just changing the plans, but also the sections and elevations, for example. His work is consistently correct and I hold him in a high position of trust"
- Richard Nares, Associate, Yiangou Architects -
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